cut the additives & clear the toxins



What’s in your food, and how is it affecting your health?

Have you ever stopped to consider the side-effects of the additives and preservatives listed on the food labels at your supermarket? Why are they there and what do they do? Could they be making you sick?

migraine diet prescriptive medication heartache managementAfter 20 years as a migraine sufferer finding no relief from prescriptive migraine medication, I began to ask these questions and more.

The ensuing research resulted in the creation of The Migraine Diet, Cut the Additives & Clear the Toxins, which proposes diet as the overriding factor in triggering migraine for many sufferers today.


The Migraine Diet presents information as pertains to the following:

What’s in our food? What’s in your food?
“Commonly Cited” Migraine Triggers
Toxins & Neurotoxins
Avoiding MSG (the hidden names of Monosodium Glutamate)
Sulphites & Nitrites
Vitamin Supplements & Medication
Food Labels That Mislead
Sample Ingredient Lists
Alkaline & Acidic Foods
What’s Left To Eat?
Foods In My Cupboard: Ingredient Lists
The Glycemic Index
Other Factors That May Trigger Migraine
What Does It All Mean?

“I see the complexity of migraine and the promise of current research in finding better migraine management solutions.

I have experienced an increase in energy, improved sleep & sleep patterns, loss of body fat and consistently maintained lowered body weight for over four years (and counting) through diet, moderate exercise and a commitment to cutting additives and other toxins from my diet as outlined in The Migraine Diet.

I invite you to do the same and wish health and success to all who read this book.”


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* This book was written as a result of my personal health struggle with migraine disorder. It is not intended for diagnoses or definitive treatment of migraine or other physical conditions; I am not a physician. I follow The Migraine Diet and utilize prophylactic medication to control migraine and hope this information will be a useful tool for you in reducing the frequency & severity of migraines and improving your overall health. Good luck.

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