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Research for The Migraine Diet has made me acutely aware of my health and the what I put into my body.

I’ve written a chapter about TOXINS in The Migraine Diet with regard to how they may be related to the frequency and severity of migraine attacks and last year I decided to try AluminumFree deodorants to see if cutting aluminum-heavy products from daily use would make a difference in how I feel.

I’m convinced I feel better and have found this article to pass on to you:

Here’s an excerpt:

” First things first: antiperspirants reduce sweating, typically using aluminum to close pores. Deodorants fight odor (not wetness) and inhibit the growth of stinky bacteria.

While the jury’s still out on which ingredients are truly bad for us, we’re taking the better-safe-than-sorry route (a smart idea given the FDA does not require 3rd party testing for cosmetics). Search labels for these irritants/ allergens to avoid: aluminum, parabens, formaldehyde, propylnene golycol …”


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