cut the additives & clear the toxins

The Migraine Diet

The Migraine Diet

cut the additives & clear the toxins

Better Eating to Reduce the Frequency and Severity of Migraines

Have you ever wondered how the food you eat (even the stuff you think of as ‘healthy’) affects you?

THE MIGRAINE DIET was written as a result of personal experiences, observations and research about my own diet, health and lifestyle and how all have been improved as a result of cutting additives and preservatives from my diet. 

healthy eating the migraine diet migraine headache eat well vegetablesThe following is an excerpt from THE MIGRAINE DIET,

“In my late twenties, as migraines became more disruptive and severe in my life, I became desperate and began to seek answers as I wondered,”Why is this happening to me?”  

I was surprised again and again by the tepid answers I received from my general physician and the neurologists I visited.    

At my most pessimistic, I interpreted their lack of treatment information as disinterest, but what I have more subjectively come to understand is that the causes of migraine are so varied that it is difficult to tell any one person exactly what to do to make them stop. 

 “How do we treat this condition?” was my next question and initially, I didn’t know enough about it to trust my own judgments. I was run through a trial of tests and medications that had little or no effect on the frequency and severity of the increasingly common migraines and I was given a list of ‘commonly cited migraine triggers’ to avoid.   

Diet specific information was delivered with a wave of the hand and disclaimed with  “…scientific evidence supporting a link between diet and migraine is largely anecdotal “.   

Years ago, I believed this to mean my diet could not affect, positively or negatively, the frequency or intensity of the migraines I suffered.  I look back now and think HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO WRONG?


If you feel like you might be in the same boat, check out The Migraine Diet and begin to take charge of your migraine suffering and health, today.


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the migraine diet cut the additives clear the toxins review 5 stars migraine triggers healthy eating


the migraine diet cut the additives clear the toxins review 5 stars migraine triggers healthy eating


Take another look at what you’re eating!


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